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Once Pieter began to deliver he found he could often do more for his students in the nine days of the Avatar Course than he had been able to do in weeks, months, and years of treating patients with physical or emotional problems in his practice. This applied both to physical difficulties and emotional ones. Avatar is not therapy nor a substitute for therapy. Some physical and emotional difficulties have their origins in consciousness and these can be affected by tools of consciousness.

Effect of Tools of Consciousness on a Physical State

Some internal conflicts are with one’s self. Resolving this one showed me my life’s purpose.

It was a conflict between my arrogance as a neurologist and accepting that people who weren’t neurologists might know more about the brain and the mind than I did.

My wife Marika suggested we help deliver the Avatar® Course in 2005 in San Francisco near our new home. Avatar is a 9-day, experiential, non-religious course developed by an educator named Harry Palmer. The students learn tools of consciousness. By applying the tools, each student realizes that s/he is the source of their lives and their experiences. They can control their lives instead of being controlled by life’s happenings.  They can change attitudes, beliefs, and ideas that they feel no longer serve them. They create and strengthen attitudes, beliefs, and ideas that do serve them. Avatar Masters guide them in how to use the tools.

From students on the course:

  • I moved from suffering and despair to the joy and purpose found in service to others.

  • I corrected or stopped the default patterns of my life.

  • I see that releasing fixed attention creates relief.

  • I’ve found my own, personal pot of gold.

  • I can now be with my loved ones in such a different, closer way.

  • I’ve got the tools to sweep away the pretense and show myself the games I’m playing.

  • I got what I was doing, owned it, and stopped it.

  • The Avatar tools create the space where something is allowed to change.

  • With Avatar you’re able to discover the patterns in your life that keep you away from your true nature and limit your growth.

  • I have the inspirational clarity of who I am.

  • I moved from suffering and despair to the joy and purpose found in service to others.

  • I’ve broken the victim pattern.